MyCrochetory Crochet Shawl Pattern BUNDLE 2nd Edition

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14 different crochet shawl patterns, fun to make, easy to wear and perfect for gifting.

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MyCrochetory Shawl Pattern Bundle 2nd edition. 14 crochet shawl patterns at a discounted price.

After the success of the 1st edition of MyCrochetory Crochet Shawl Pattern Bundle almost two year ago, I decided to make the second one. This year’s collection contains all my original crochet shawl designs that have been posted on my blog in 2020 and 2021.  

There’s just something about crochet shawls. Perfect for layering, adding a pop of color, or for a little extra warmth, they will keep you looking stylish all year long. You don’t have to worry about perfect fit as you would working on a sweater, hat, mittens, or socks. Just use the recommended yarn weight and crochet hook size and start working.

If you don’t know how to crochet a shawl, then do yourself a favor and start your first one today! Although I provide all my shawl patterns for free with ads on my blog here, many of you have supported me by purchasing the ad-free PDF versions of the patterns through my Etsy Shop and Ravelry Shop. Massive thank you! While you can purchase all my shawl pattern individually, I wanted to give all the shawl lovers the opportunity to purchase the ad-free PDF patterns at a considerable discount.

With my new MyCrochetory Crochet Shawl Pattern Bundle you will discover elegant stitchwork and beautiful texture for all abilities. These beautiful crochet shawl patterns will provide a great challenge and interest with the variety of designs. You can make stylish and useful accessories in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This crochet shawl pattern list includes triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, asymmetrical designs.


 Scroll down to see the complete list of included crochet shawl patterns below. 

Carina Mosaic Shawl

Carina Mosaic Crochet Shawl combines a lovely triangle shape with eye-catching mosaic sections. With its super long wingspan and generous height, you can wrap yourself in warmth this cold days!

Carina Mosaic Shawl free crochet pattern.

Kalinda Wrap

The Kalinda Wrap is a beautiful crochet shawl that’s enjoyable to work. It’s fun play of wave pattern section and simple double crochet section which will show beautifully when worn. This crochet wrap is worked diagonally with increases on one side and decreases on the other, creating a parallelogram shape.

Kalinda Wrap free crochet shawl pattern

Monochrome Bias Wrap

Worked back and forth in rows on the bias, the Monochrome Bias Wrap is a great compromise between easy crocheting and a little bit of interest to keep you entertained. This bias crochet wrap is worked in sections with some easy, mindless single crochet parts for a relaxing crocheting experience, and interspersed with interesting sections of mosaic crochet.

Monochrome Bias Wrap free pattern

Crax Gradient Shawl

The Crax Gradient Shawl will allow you to create a large crochet shawl with fascinating mosaic crochet design using your favourite gradient yarn.

Crax Gradient Shawl is a generously sized shawl worked sideways on the bias, from one tip to the opposite edge. The compination of asymmetric triangle shaping and mosaic colorwork using a gradient yarn makes this pattern a great project for those of you looking to expand your crochet skills.

Crax Gradient Shawl free pattern.

Zarina Diagonal Scarf

Gradient projects are very unique and beautiful – this corner to corner (C2C) crochet scarf will make you really stand out of the crowd. It’s feminine, delicate, full of life and just perfect for spring and summer afternoon.

Zarina Diagonal Scarf may be that perfect crochet pattern you’ve been looking for so long. It’s an incredibly versatile crochet accessory that you can stylish in a million ways. You can loop it around your neck, tie it with a knot ot let it hang down from your back.

Zarina Diagonal Scarf free crochet pattern

Bandos Trapezoid Wrap

If you’re looking for a relaxing crochet wrap pattern, with just enough variety to hold your interest, this could be for you. Bandos Wrap is stripy, happy and colorful!

To make this Bandos Crochet Wrap free pattern, all you need is three triangles of the same size. Each triangle is a simple one row repeat pattern.

Bandos Trapezoid Wrap free pattern

Sarin Lace Shawl

Sarin Lace Shawl is a lovely triangle shawl that begins from a bottom tip with increases placed along the edges. The pattern features quite simple and repetitive lacy openwork design. If you like feminine styles with a bit of elegance I think that you will be really happy with the end result. 

Because the shawl is worked bottom-up, its length is easily adjusted and you can make it larger/smaller by working more/less pattern repeats.

Sarin Lace Shawl free crochet pattern

Forsythia Shawl

Forsythia Shawl is a beautiful top-down shawl that’s enjoyable to make and features simple and delicate lace in a flower-like motif. The pretty picot edging adds a beautiful detail to this spring crochet shawl with a wonderful drape. This is a very feminine and elegant accessory that can be a perfect gift for mother, sister or friend.

Forsythia Shawl free crochet pattern

Willow Shawl

The Willow Shawl is a sideways, asymmetrical shawl which begins with just a few stitches at one tip and grows to its widest point, that is easily adaptable to any amount of yarn you have, or any thickness of yarn

The pattern is easily adjusted to any size by simply adding or reducing repeat sections. The entire shawl is worked in an easy and meditative back and forth moss stitch pattern with intriguing V-stitch rows and serrated edge.

Willow Shawl free crochet pattern

Havra Wrap

This Havra Crochet Wrap pattern combines a simple stitch, bias crocheting and ombre yarn to create a wearable crochet shawl that may be worn in a variety of ways!

Because of its construction, Havra Wrap is totally adjustable both in length and in width. With a repetitive yet interesting stitch pattern, this calming crochet pattern is straightforward to follow, but accessible to the adventurous beginner!

Havra Wrap free crochet pattern

Goldenrod Shawl

Goldenrod is a lightweight spring/summer shawl, made from the bottom up with beautiful diagonal lace sections throughout. Increases are placed along the edges forming a wide triangular shape. The easy construction and basic stitches make The Goldenrod Shawl suitable as a first lace project.

Because this crochet triangle shawl is worked bottom-up, its length is easily adjusted and you can make it larger/smaller by working more/less pattern repeats.

Golderod Shawl free crochet pattern

Namari Mosaic Shawl

Namari Mosaic Crochet Shawl is worked from the top down and features a lovely mosaic crochet pattern. While it looks complex, it’s actually very easy. Due to its oversized shape and larger wingspan you end up with a shawl that can be worn and wrapped many ways.

It is great project for those of you looking to expand your crochet skills. Not quite mindless project, but simple enough that it becomes rhythmic.

Namari Mosaic Shawl free crochet pattern

Field of Flowers Shawl

If you’re looking for a new project to make, this top-down shawl might be just perfect for you. This amazing and repetitive shawl will make you look so feminine and beautiful! It’s easy to make and looks just incredible!

Field of Flowers Shawl is worked top-down starting from the neck and increases are made on both sides for a large triangle shape that sits steadily on the shoulders and is easy to tie around the neck in many ways. It will keep you warm and stylish no matter the season.

Field of Flowers Shawl free crochet pattern

Clamshell Shawl

Clamshell Shawl is very lightweight, perfect for spring crochet accessory. You can easily customize this shawl by working more pattern repeats and you can make it in any yarn weight – just play with the instructions to create your own beautiful Clamshell Shawl! Your imagination is the only limit here!

Clamshell Shawl free crochet pattern.

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