MyCrochetory Shawl Pattern BUNDLE

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Two years of blogging!

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of my Blog, I’m excited to have a very special offer for all of you!

My love of crochet shawls is no secret, and I thought it would be fun to put all my shawl patterns together into a bundle for those who want to learn new stitches and create some gorgeous, versatile crochet neck accessories.

If you’re a crochet shawl lover of any level, I know you’ll love this amazing bundle as much as I do. I try to make my shawl patterns as easy as possible, because I want each and every one of you to be able to use them, regardless of your crochet experience! There are options for beginner crochet and advanced alike.

Shawl pattern bundle

The MyCrochetory Shawl Pattern Bundle contains all my original free crochet shawl patterns (12 in total) that have been posted on my blog since the very beginning. Moreover, in this bundle you can find the Serrate Shawl and ZygZak Shawl pattern.

If you love my style of designing, this is a great way to have all of my shawl patterns in one place, ready to be printed and worked through! Both charted and written instructions for making each shawl are included, so you can choose your favorite way to follow along.

ALL 14 MyCrochetory Shawl Pattern is now available for €11.99 until end of February 2020! It’s 70% off if you were to purchase them individually! It’s a limited time offer and after February the MyCrochetory Shawl Pattern Bundel will be still available at a higher price.


 Scroll down to see the complete list of included shawl patterns below. 

Kalinda Shawl

It is a gorgeous triangle shawl design using 1 ball of a gradient yarn cake. This pattern is perfect for an adventurous beginner who wants something elegant with a lot of character.

Nightfall Shawl

Nightfall Shawl is a wonderful, gentle triangle shaped shawl that has been designer to be crochet in lace weight yarn. Delicate lace pattern works to give an airy, light and elegant shawl perfect to dress up anything you wear it with.

Aprilis Shawl

This shawl is worked diagonally starting at a single point and growing until you run out of yarn or when you achieve the desired length. The stitches used are so simple that make this shawl perfect for beginners and more advanced crocheters as well.

Serrate Shawl

Serrate Shawl has such an unusual construction, worked from the centre top down in one piece. With its lace leaves central panel and plain sides, it is simple enough for a lace beginner to crochet, not boring for crocheters with more experience.

Arrow Wrap

Arrow Crochet Wrap is worked from end to end, pointy at one end and V-shaped at the other end. Alternation of stripes and two different lace patterns creates nice texture and eye-catching lace designs. The whole wrap is perfectly reversible.

Sienna Shawl

Sienna Shawl is a lovely trianglular shawl that begins from a bottom tip with increases placed along the edges. The flower lace pattern is geometric and it will catch the eye when you wear it. While the stitches used in this pattern are simple, the project itself is not the quickest one. But, once you have the first few rows figured out, you’ll be off to the races.

Leto Shawl

Leto Shawl is a geometric lace pattern made from top down. It is constructed by two symmetrical sides, mirrored over the center stitch.

This shawl is a great project for those of you looking to expand your crochet skills. Not quite mindless project, but simple enough that it becomes rhythmic.

Despina Shawl

Worked sideways with fingering weight yarn, Despina Shawl has a versatile and wearable asymmetric triangle shape. It starts at the point and grows into a triangular piece by increases along the edge.

Triangle Moss Stitch Shawl

Triangle Moss Stitch Shawl is a modern and one-row-repeat shawl worked worked from the centre top down using a fingering yarn. It’s perfect for beginner crocheters and the moss stitich lovers.

Flores Shawl

The Flores Shawl is worked the top-down in two stitch patterns creating an asymmetrical look. Different pattern on each side of row provide an interesting to crochet project. One side of the row is worked in double crochet stitches while the other side is worked in mesh stitch.
This project can be easily adapted to a lager or smaller size by changing the pattern repeats.

Spring Solstice Wrap

Spring Solstice Wrap has an unusual and fun construction so it keeps the crochetng interesting. It starts from a top-down triangle-shaped shawl for a centered and it ends with two angled halves of the wrap.
The finished trapezoid shape shawl is gorgeous wearable and elegant accessory that is beautiful when worn as a traditional shawl, wrap or scarf around your neck.

Lace Shawlette

Lace Shawlette is a beautiful one skein triangle shawl that is worked top-down from the neck. This easy construction creates a wonderfully wearable shawl that you can either wrap around your neck or just wear over the shoulders.

ZygZak Shawl

ZygZak Shawl is an asymmetrical triangle worked sideways from the sharp point down to the opposite edge. The combination of texture, chevrons and colors creates a surprisingly beautiful result despite the simple and repetitive pattern.

You can use a gradient or just an assorted combination of multiple colors.

Sigrid Shawl

Sigrid shawl is an elegant and modern crochet crescent shaped wrap with solid and lace sections. It fits perfectly over your shoulders and also be bundled about the neck as a scarf. It is a relaxing project made top-down in one piece with two colors but you can also use any fingering yarn you want. 

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